About Us

Our mission is to provide unique products that support our planet so we can together enjoy its beauty as long as possible.

Among our products, so far, we offer E-Bikes and LPG Conversion.

Why E-Bikes?

E-bikes are gaining more and more popularity in the world as a fast, cheap, convenient, healthy and ecological form of transport. More and more bike paths are created, which often causes that with a bike - especially at the city summit - we will reach our destination much faster and more pleasant than with other forms of transport.‚Äč


E-Bike vs Car

  • E-bikes are more environmental friendly: they do not produce any fumes, especially CO2. They are also much quiet.
  • You can avoid traffic jams: e-bikes are much more mobile, you can easily bypass cars or use less crowded roads like bike paths.
  • E-bikes require much less space to storage: you don't need garage or parking spot, you can easily keep your e-bike in basement. No more looking for a parking space.
  • E-bikes are better for your health: you can easily turn off the engine and use your e-bike like a regular bike to satisfy the daily portion of exercise.

E-Bike vs Motorbike

  • Motorbikes, similar to cars, are more burdensome for the environment: they have the same type of engine and produce a lots of fumes. They are also loud.
  • Motorbikes can help you avoid some traffic jumps, but e-bikes are much more mobile and agile, more paths and areas (like parks) are available for them.
  • E-bikes required less parking and storage space than motorbikes.
  • Motorbike is not beneficial for your health, unless it breaks down and you have to push it :) 


E-Bike vs Regular Bike

  • E-bikes have the same advantages like regular bikes: they can go everywhere the regular bikes can. After all, they are still bikes.
  • E-bikes are less physically demanding: you can always use electric engine to help you overcome terrain difficulties. Or simply when you want to get to work fresh.
  • E-bikes can help you build your stamina more easily: when you are tired, simply use the engine to regenerate your strength for the further way. Thanks to e-bikes you training can be longer.

Why LPG?

  • LPG is widely used as a "green" fuel. Its use reduces toxic emission of: nitrogen oxides (NOx), total hydrocarbon (THC), non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), carbon monoxide (CO) and particulate matter (PM) [1][2].
  • You can safe not only the environment but also your money. LPG is much cheaper than petrol (20% less spending for fuel if your annual mileage is 10000km, 26% if your annual mileage is 25000km, prices for June 2019).
  • Convention to LPG do not affect car behaviour or performance.



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