E-Bike T / CB1250W -is the only electric bike in this class on the market with a localization system

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Product Overview

E-bikes are gaining more and more popularity in the world as a fast, cheap, convenient, healthy and ecological form of transport. More and more bike paths are created, which often causes that with a bike - especially at the city summit - we will reach our destination much faster and more pleasant than with other forms of transport.

E-Bike T / CB1250W is the only electric bike in this class on the market with a localization system*. It was developed for the most demanding users who value beauty, safety and convenience. What makes it stand out among other ebike models? The spacious trunk and basket will accommodate quite big shopping or a picnic set during a weekend trip. Thanks to the applied light and reflective signaling system you will be clearly visible to other vehicles. A very efficient battery allows you to cover distances up to 60km on a single charge and the shock absorption system provides a comfortable ride even on poor quality roads. Even if you were unlucky and your bike was stolen, like 14,000 bikes that vanish every year in Ireland (2018 - Garda Analysis Services), you have nothing to worry about. With one click, you can turn on the transponder for localization system, that is attached to your bike, and with precision up to several meters the system will determine where your bike is located. Is it possible to require something more from a bike?

RRP: €993.00, Price: 649.00 , You Save: €344.00

Product description:

Electric engine: 250 W / 36 V (performance depending on the load and terrain conditions)

40-60km on a single charge

Possibility of riding in three modes: as a normal bicycle, with electric engine support or on the electric motor itself.

Maximal speed: 25 km/h

Frame size: 17.5 ’’

Tire size: 26’’

Suspension fork: Yes/front

Charge Time: around 6 hours

Gear Shift System: 18-speed (6x3) Shimano SIS

Brakes (front/rear): V-brake

Charger: 220/110V, 50-60Hz

Max load: 120 kg

Colour: blue, red, black, silver (one to choose, when placing an order, please provide the color in which you wish to have your bike)

Additional equipment: trunk, fenders, bell, basket, foot support, chain guard, front/rear lighting + rear turn signals, access to the bike localization monitoring system together with suitable software, high quality anti-theft lock.

Bike localization monitoring system:

Model E-BikeT / CB1 250W is equipped with an electronic system for monitoring the localization of the bike (free for 12 months - after this period the owner decides whether they want to extend the anti-theft protection of their bike).

Return of the cost in case the bike was stolen: In addition, after purchasing the E-Bike T / CB1 250W model, you will receive, as part of the promotion, a high quality anti-theft lock, which in the case of mechanical overcome (within 12 months from the date of purchase - it is possible to extend this period) provides for reimbursement (by the manufacturer of the lock**) of the stolen bike to the sum of 1500 euros. This is not a bike insurance against theft, it is only an additional warranty offered by the bike security manufacturer convinced of the reliability of their product.

* Due to the Personal Data Protection Act, the anti-theft monitoring system is activated only after you consent to the processing of personal data (it takes less than a minute, but please remember about that because in the case of the bike theft, this acceleates the localization procedure). The owner of the bike has complete control over the process of activating and deactivating of the bike anti-theft monitoring system and, if necessary, can completely deactivate it (on his own responsibility - we strongly advise against deactivating the bike anti-theft monitoring system, especially in public). Bike monitoring system outside of ROI area requires prior notification within 24 hours before leaving the ROI area.

** The anti-theft lock must be used in accordance with the conditions described by the manufacturer. The reimbursement does not include VAT and cost of items stolen together with the bike (like those in the trunk, phones, tablets, etc. that are not 'factory bike equipment').

When buying from us you will get:

- A set of keys

- Chanrger

- Foot support

- Front basket

- Lockable case for rear truck

- Front/rear lighting + rear turn signals

- Access to the bike localization monitoring system together with suitable software

- High quality anti-theft lock


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