Motor Bicycle Ebike 20+localization system

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Product Overview

E-bikes are gaining more and more popularity in the world as a fast, cheap, convenient, healthy and ecological form of transport. More and more bike paths are created, which often causes that with a bike - especially at the city summit - we will reach our destination much faster and more pleasant than with other forms of transport. At the same time they are less physically demanding. Your training can be longer, you can use electric engine to help you overcome terrain difficulties or simply you can get to work fresh.

Motor Bicycle Ebike 20


Frame: Steel

Tyres: 20x 1.75 inch

Battery: 48V/8Ah Lithium-ion - 28 - 35 km travel distance per charge.

Motor: 240w Brushless Motor

Bike Weight: 28.4kg

Brake System(front/rear):Drum brake / Expension brake

We have a custom range of all types of electrical bikes, all for different purposes. This electrical bicycle is good for carrying goods whether its for personal or working, as it has a reliably stable rack. It also has front and back mud guard that helps prevent water and mud splashing directly at you. It has a strong stand for when the bike is stationary.

It has a rack, for when you would like to carry goods. It also has a front led light and back reflector. It has the option for assistant boost which allows you to go faster when pedalling, with the electrical motor as well as having a throttle to give a boost without pedalling with the electrical motor.

The battery is built inside the bicycle frame, to give a stealth look to the bicycle. As the battery is located within the aluminium frame of the bike, no one needs to know the bike is electric but you! And this allows the weight distribution evenly spread across the bike and also used manually very easily as well as pedal assisted!

Display panel provides battery level so you know when you need to recharged the bike.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review